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Ronald Wanyama alias Yohana Tano Nabii from Nandolia village in Bungoma County with 46 wives claims that he is the reincarnated John the Baptist.

The 82-year-old man who likes it better when called ‘prophet’ is a husband to 46 women whom are all referred to as queens.

The self proclaimed prophet has seemingly beat the late Akuku Danger’s record. Late Asentus Ogwella Akuku had 45 wives and over 210 kids while Nabii has 46 wives and is blessed with 289 children.

Four of his 46 wives passed away and he currently has 42 wives. His youngest wife is 23 years old and Nabii says he’s not yet done.

Ronald Wanyama with one of his wives. Photo Courtesy

Nabii, due to his large family has five homes. Three are located in Bungoma (Nandolia, Matulo and Webuye), while two are in Kitale and Lugari in Kakamega county.

The old man has also managed to write his own version of the Bible which has 93 books. Note that the normal Bible only has 66 books: 48 books for Old Testament. Nabii uses his own Bible to spread the good news of the Lord to his followers in his Muungano Church

The prophet who also says was there during Jesus’ time, stated that God appeared to him and asked him to write the Bible and also add the extra books.

Some of the books include Mfarisayo Wilson, Agnes, Mfarisayo Geoffrey, Benson (II), Peter Petro and Mfarisayo Peter among others.

“I myself was in Israel, I am the one who baptised Jesus. No other John the Baptist was born, it is me, so between Jesus and me who baptised him, who is more powerful?” posed Wanyama.

Nabii (V) also disclosed that the Almighty gave him the ability to prophesy, pray for the sick and treat patients with herbal medicines.

He has since not wasted his ability and has created wards in his homestead which he admits patients and attends on them. Without bragging, Nabii said that he has treated millions of people from different parts of the world who were suffering from different diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, leprosy and wounds.

Sadly Wanyama broke up with his parents 62 years ago to serve God with all he had and with no resistance whatsoever. He also says he doesn’t regret parting ways with his parents.

Nabii has also written two constitutions which he hopes the government will adopt if they want to get solution to the unending problems in the country.

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Yohana (V) Nabii: Meet Bungoma’s ‘John the Baptist’ who has 46 wives