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Yasmeen Said: Ex-Maria actress introduces good-looking boyfriend

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Beautiful award winning actress Yasmeen Said alias Maria has been on the wish lists of many men who try to win her heart but has recently disappointed them after showing off her handsome boyfriend.

Maria came into the spotlight with the airing of the Maria show on Citizen TV, where she was the lead actor.

The 20-year old shared a brief Tiktok video on her Instagram page, showing off her new man, only identified as DVJMeek.

This however, was not the first video of her boyfriend Yasmeen shared.

In July, she posted his pictures on her Instagram feed post raising speculations about their relationship.

Although she showed her boyfriend to the public, Maria said in one interview that her Muslim culture does not allow her to date.

“Also, I am a Muslim and in my religion, dating is haram. The right thing to do is to wait until you are married to your husband. Having a boyfriend leads to so many things, it is all fun and games but you cannot predict the outcome,” she said.

Maria is such an amazing actress who shocked many when she revealed that she got the Maria role in 2019, just after completing high school in 2018.

“I finished my high school studies in 2018. Basically, at that particular time, there wasn’t much I was doing. I landed the ‘Maria’ role in early 2019. I learnt that there were auditions for a TV show through my circles and I thought to myself, ‘why can’t I go and give it a shot?’. There wasn’t much I would lose from trying,” she revealed.

Yasmeen has also revealed that her life changed completely when she landed the role, and she ended up losing friends to fame.

“My life has changed a great deal. Being famous is not an easy thing, unlike it may seem to many. I no longer run my errands with ease as before, because of all the attention I get every single moment I show up in a place. I also lost friends when In became famous,” she said.

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