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Willy Pauls takes legal action against pregnant lady for defamation

On Monday february 15, renowned kenyan artist Willy Paul reported a young women to Central police station after she claimed that she is expectant to Willy Pual’s unborn child.

The woman, who identifies herself as @deebaby490 and Dee Ruth, opened up on Tik Tok about how Willy Paul blocked her on all social media platforms after she confronted him about the pregnancy.

“So I want you guys to help me get this thing to go viral please I know it is not right to @Willypaul he won’t feel well though I have to do it. So I have been pregnant for Willy Paul since December and he promised he will take responsibility for the baby. And I agreed with it to keep a secret,” said Dee Ruth.

Adding that;

“But since he started ignoring me is the day he asked for sex the second time and I refused. So he told nisiwai mtafuta na nifanye kenye nataka hadi (I should not look for him and I can do what I feel like) he blocked me. I even have (his) recording zake.”


Police put down the offence on the occurrence book as “defamation”. The woman was ultimately arrested and locked up at the station for more than eight hours.

“The arrest started as a set-up. I was told to go for an Interview in one of the leading TV stations for a lifestyle show. I trusted them, so when I went for ‘shooting’ at TRM, that’s where I was arrested,” Ruth said while speaking to Word Is.

Adding that;

“Willy Paul was not with the police, he came later at the station. They wanted cash bail, I didn’t have money, so I don’t know why I was released because it got to a point I was released.”

Speaking on the incident, Willy Paul said the pregnant lady was being used by some upcoming producers to dent his reputation.

“At the station, the girl mentioned everyone that sent her to ruin my name. It is some upcoming producers,” said Willy Paul.

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