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There are people to marry and there are people to date and dump. Luo men are people you should only date but not marry. If you want to die young, desperate and poor, marry a Luo man. Here are concrete reasons why you shouldn’t accept marriage proposal by a Luo man.

They Cheat

Luo men are the worst when it comes to cheating—their tail is always on the move. Even if you will be married to him, he will ignore that fact and move out with as many women as possible. A Luo man’s joy is to sleep with as many women as possible. It’s almost impossible to find a faithful Luo man.

They are poor in saving

A Luo man will earn Ksh500,000 per month but after working for 10 years, he will not have anything to show for this huge pay. He will be buying luxury cars, living in leafy suburb and showing off to his peers. To finance that expensive lifestyle means that he won’t save anything.

If he dies, you’ll be left in a terrible situation

Since Luo men don’t invest no matter how much they earn every month, his death will be a big blow to you. It’s always important for a man to invest for his family and incase your man is not of that type, you should dump him forever.

Must have two wives

Unfaithful man will never be satisfied. When you are old and tired, he will go fishing another wife. Even if you jump up and down and throw yourself down, he won’t shelve the plans.

Strange culture

Luo culture is very strange. If by chance your husband dies, you’ll be inherited by his brother by force. It’s also worrying that some ladies are forced to sleep with their dead husbands in the same bed the night before he is buried.

If you don’t agree to be inherited by a family member, the elders will gather and cast a spell on you. You can even be chased out of that village forever.

On the positive side, Luo men will pamper you with gifts and good things when they marry you. If you need a perfect boyfriend, go for Luo men.

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Why women don’t marry Luo men