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Why people worship penises in Bhutan

Ever heard of Bhutan, where people paint erect penises in their homes?

Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, is a beautiful kingdom called Bhutan, where you will come across paintings and statues of penises larger than humans  wrapped up in ribbons.

The penises are painted on houses and hung on roof tops. As if that is not enough, they are used as sinages to show direction and make up a huge business in Bhutan.

The penises are made in different forms, colors, sizes and are wrapped and tied in ribbons like presents. Not to mention, some have dragons around them, some ejaculating, while some are drawn with hairy testicles.

The penises are ever erect and they represent a significant part of the Bhutan tradition.

The Bhutanese believe that the penises safeguard them from gossip, witchcraft, and evil, as well as maintaining and enhancing their fertility.

The tradition started in the 15th century from a lama called Drukpa Kunley who taught in bizzare and unorthodox ways.

Drukpa who was fond of wine and women, attracted many people with his fascinating humor, bawdy poetry, and wine-induced speeches.

He even got nicknamed the “Divine Madman” because of his sexual overtones. Drukpa moved far and wide teaching the ways of Buddha.

Bumthang, Bhutan – March 4, 2014: A house with big phallus wall paintings near Bumthang, Bhutan. The phallus is a religious symbol in Bhutan and a widely used decoration for the houses.

It is believed that Drukpa shot an arrow to mark a place where he would construct his temple. The arrow came down at the site of present-day Chimi Lhakhang.

The rural monastery was built in honor of Drukpa and still stands as the oldest structure depicting how the culture began.

Stories are told, of how the Divine Madman bestowed blessings in form of sex and how his penis was called the “flaming thunderbolt of wisdom”.

Once, Drukpa was granted a holy string to tie around his neck but instead, he put it around his penis for good fortune.

Another story is that at one time he urinated on a holy scroll. In the present day, infertile women from around the globe flock at the temple of fertility wanting blessings from the ‘divine thunderbolt’.

Punakha, Bhutan – September 15, 2016: Phallus souvenir shop in Bhutan. Craft store specialising in phalluses.

Although painting penises on walls and hanging them around rooftops are significant forms of the Bhutanese cultural heritage, Bhutan’s from urban areas rarely practice it.

The reason is because painting phalluses on houses is embarrassing and outdated for the modern and democratic Bhutan.

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