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What a side chick can do better than a main chick

Through the eyes of twenty to thirty-year-olds, we notice the power that side chicks use over men, which main chicks may always be unable to rival. Or then again, will they?

What is it about a side chick that makes her so darn speaking to the one who has a sweetheart, fiancee, or a spouse and children of his own?

The side chick isn’t vague in present-day connections or seeing someone of past periods so far as that is concerned.

She is the escort, the other lady, the person who never gets back home, the concealed one that nobody knows, the power in the background that the man can’t help it.

The side chick is the darling over whom the man is willing to risk everything.

From the college undegrad to the grandmother venturing out abroad to her grandchildren’s mind, ladies of any age are quite aacquainted with her.

Just a few have been blessed [or is it unfortunate?] to see and interact with her, however, her legend can’t be missed.

Nor can her approaching shadow over a relationship or marriage be denied.

Most occasions after this extraordinary experience or disclosure, the inquiry that ladies end up posing, either logically in the obscurity and still quietness of their unfilled beds or to the man’s face when he unobtrusively walks through the front entryway late in the night is; ‘what is exceptional about her?!’

Some expressions theirs as ‘what does she have that I don’t?’ and ‘what does she give you that I don’t?’ yet the man’s!” says the previous. “Less wahala, consistent skills,” says the last mentioned.

While the inquiry was presented significantly due to a craving to see how the male psyche functions with regards to the issue of side chicks, ladies wouldn’t bother dropping their feedback, as well.

@hormo_tee says a man is attracted to a side chick because of the “significant serenity” she gives him; as far as

@inemudodiong is concerned, a few men can barely deny the opportunity to place in “less responsibility” than typical, escape from the pressuree and pressing factor their lady mounts on them, while likely getting a charge out of “more sex.” These are offers too delicious to even consider opposing for men, as per the Instagram client.

Ntianu Obiora, says that as she would see it, are attracted to the side chick on the grounds that with her, men experience “no pressure or less pressure.”

She proceeds: “There are issues seeing someone that at last put strain on [men].

“[Issues] like cash, stuff to do with kids, lease, [and the assumption of] a [certain] level of responsibility.

“…In general, a primary chick, as it should be, puts certain assumptionS on her man. A side chick doesn’t need to anticipate anything aside from outings and sex.”

For Chidumga Izuzu, a Lagos-based film pundit and Editor at Pulse, men are pulled in to the side-chiCK “because they are filth.”

Avocation for cheating?

With all the sentiments famously communicated above, it is not difficult to get the inclination that having a side chick is legitimate, given that the man doesn’t get genuine feelings of serenity with the lady, gets excessively constrained, gets hassled for a degree of responsibility he’s unequipped for providing, or in the occurrence where he feels the sex isn’t sufficient.

Do ladies need to give men more significant serenity seeing someone? Would they be able to accuse men of infidelity on them?

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