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Viral video of groom working on laptop on his wedding day causes stir

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A video of an Indian groom using his laptop on his wedding day went viral on social media after being posted by @dulhaniyaa.

The groom seemed to be working with his laptop because he could be seen typing, then later handed the laptop to someone

Because the groom was busy working, the guests had to wait for him so that they could proceed with the ceremony.

The bride seemed unbothered as she was spotted on the other side of the hall laughing when she saw what her groom was doing.

Social media users had different opinions about the video while some were just surprised others some believed that the groom was working, others concluded that he was just setting up his laptop for the man he gave to later.

@babunathraja: “I don’t think his working he just wants remove the password.”

@savi_shetty_8: “He is taking what he wrote on resume seriously….”I will work on any situation”.”

@joghosh: “We are always judgemental without knowing the other side of the story. Who works on a wedding day. And no management or company is tyrant enough to let you work on such auspicious day of one’s life.

“He might be helping someone with setting up music or wedding shoot or something else. If he was working, which seems really odd, then I have no words to say. But I believe, we should not comment without knowing the truth or reality.”

@munafchohan_ : “Plot twist: wife is the boss and she’s just having a laugh giving him last minute corrections.”

@alpha_omega_001: “Marriage is important part of life because it appears once in a lifetime…not your pathetic regular offcie work one day you’ll leave that job or get fired.”

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