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Video: Kenya-Uganda Battle online After Ugandan Female Radio Host Warned Kenyan Men Against Ugandan Ladies

Kenya is known for being the most feared online bullies. This is so thanks to their strong online team both in Facebook and twitter where the KOT or Kenyans On Twitter is the most popular group.

 Today, another online feud is looming after a Ugandan radio presenter and socialite Lucky Mbabazi made a video warning Kenyan men against dreaming to have Ugandan ladies.

She said that Kenyan men are known for not giving transport money or fare and other small small money like hair and money for personal use.

She adds that Ugandan ladies love being given transport money and ‘kameza money’ and so kenyan men should stay away if they can’t provide.

Her statement has been met with serious criticism both from Kenyan men women who have told her to keep off Kenyan affairs from her mouth.

Kenyan ladies came to defense of their Kenyan men saying they are okay with them the way they are while Kenyan men have also made it clear that they do not even dream of Ugandan ladies.

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