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Socialite Vera Sidika has once again shoot down pregnancy rumours, stating that she could be having like 4 kids by now, if social media claims is anything to go by.

Ms Sidika mentioned that for the past four years, Netizens have always rumoured that she is expectant, something she now say has never happened.

“Waah! Why do people think I’m pregnant though? I don’t understand, y’all say I’m pregnant every year, sijui ni air pregnancy coz by now I should be having like 4 kids for the 4 years of rumours. Maybe I should go on IG live tomorrow so you all can point out where this ‘pregnancy’ is” said Vera.

Ms Sidika went on to state that she has always protected herself and that’s why she never got pregnant from her previous relationships.

“People have this narrative that I’m a bad B*tch and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now. Let me tell you a secret; most bad girls are the most careful ones. Can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I have never gotten pregnant coz I always protect it. But the day I do, it’s because I am ready at that time and want it” added Queen Vee.

She added that; “Oh! Hunny! You glow different when loved right… Aww by the way, we will make acute baby, hmm, may be next year. Let’s enjoy each other first”

Asked on claims that she was pregnant for Otile Brown sometime back, she said “Ai! I never said am pregnant before in my life. Because whenever I’m in a relationship and not ready, I take precautions to prevent it from happening”

Just the other day, Vera said that she will get a baby when time is right, asking her fans not to worry as everything is in plan.

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Vera Sidika address pregnancy rumours again, says she could be having 4 kids