Tyson Fury Parents: Get to Know John and Amber Fury

Tyson’s parents, John and Amber, may not share the spotlight with their son, but their influence on his life is undeniable.

Boxer Tyson Fury PHOTO/The Telegraph

Tyson Fury, the two-time heavyweight boxing world champion, is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. But behind the powerful punches and flamboyant personality lies a family history that has undoubtedly shaped him. This article delves into the lives of Tyson’s parents, John Fury and Amber Fury, exploring their influence on his boxing career and personal life.

John Fury: The fighting father

John, a former professional boxer and bare-knuckle fighter himself, is a central figure in Tyson’s journey. Born into the Irish Traveller community, John’s life was steeped in a culture that valued toughness and resilience. He instilled these values in Tyson from a young age, introducing him to boxing at the age of 10 and becoming his trainer. John’s own struggles with the law, including a stint in jail, cast a shadow over Tyson’s formative years. However, John’s unwavering belief in his son’s talent and his experience in the ring proved invaluable in shaping Tyson’s fighting style. John’s boisterous personality often landed him in the spotlight, sometimes overshadowing Tyson. Nevertheless, their bond remains strong, with John acting as Tyson’s cornerman during some of his biggest fights.

Amber Fury: The quiet strength

Compared to John’s flamboyant persona, Amber prefers to stay out of the limelight. Little is known about her upbringing or personal life. She has never attended any of Tyson’s fights, professional or amateur, choosing to support him from a distance. Despite the lack of public appearances, Amber’s influence on Tyson shouldn’t be underestimated. Having endured 14 pregnancies, with only four children surviving, Amber’s strength and resilience in the face of personal tragedy undoubtedly shaped Tyson’s character. The loss of their daughter Ramona, when Tyson was just nine years old, is a deeply personal experience that continues to affect him. Amber’s unwavering support and quiet strength provided a crucial balance to John’s more volatile presence.

Tyson Fury with his dad John PHOTO/The Sun

A supportive family unit

While John and Amber are divorced, the Fury family remains a close-knit unit. John remarried and had two more sons, including reality TV personality and professional boxer Tommy Fury, Tyson’s half-brother. Tyson himself has a large family, with six children of his own. The Fury family rallies around each other, offering unwavering support both inside and outside the ring. Tyson’s success has brought financial security and fame to the family, but they haven’t forgotten their Traveller roots. Their close-knit bond and shared fighting spirit are a testament to the strength instilled in them by their parents.

Beyond Boxing: The legacy of Tyson’s parents

John and Amber’s influence extends beyond the boxing ring. They instilled in Tyson a deep sense of family, religious faith, and unwavering self-belief. John’s fighting spirit and strategic mind undoubtedly played a role in Tyson’s boxing prowess. Amber’s quiet strength and resilience became a cornerstone of Tyson’s ability to overcome personal challenges. Their story highlights the importance of family support and the complex dynamics that shape a champion.


Tyson’s parents, John and Amber, may not share the spotlight with their son, but their influence on his life is undeniable. John’s experience in the ring and his unwavering belief in Tyson’s talent laid the foundation for his boxing career. Amber’s quiet strength and resilience provided a crucial counterpoint, shaping Tyson’s character and ability to overcome adversity. The Fury family exemplifies the power of family support and the complex tapestry of influences that contribute to a champion’s rise.

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