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This is why Crocs are so cool and iconic

Everyone would admit that crocs have become a new fashion trend and that they are now more stylish than before.

Even though not everyone would agree with that and vow not to include themselves in the trendy fashion of wearing crocs majority of the people still would opt for crocs.

Crocs have now been styled into different varieties such as crocs slippers , sandals , platform crocs, animal printed Crocs and many more varieties.

Nowdays one can customize their crocs according to their desire and add as many things one would want to showcase their personality , fashion and taste. This may attract others to get one of their own and also customize it.

Celebrities have also played a big role in marketing of crocs and some even have their own croc line such as Justin Bieber which have increased the popularity of crocs.

Crocs have also become more famous and popular due to alot of celebrities also wearing them. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj , Ariana Grande,Frida Kajala , Guchi and as we all know celebrities are the marketers of what is cool and trendy.

Apart from just being trendy, crocs are loved and preferred by many since they are comfortable and they are in any style and colour one would prefer.

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