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The evolution of singer Bahati’s hairstyles

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Renowned musician Kelvin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati has been wearing different hairstyles from colorful dreadlocks to braids.

Unfortunately for him, he received criticisms from many fans and social media users.
The reason is probably that Bahati has the habit of asking fans to give their opinions about his new hairstyles.

White Braids

Bahati rocking bespoke red suit accompanied by white braids. Photo courtesy

In April, Bahati surprised his fans when he plaited white box braids!
I can’t say I wasn’t surprised, and the singer’s comments section was filled with funny reactions and dismissal.

Jalang’o: As a brother. There is a show look and biz look! This is for the show, the look you make on the day of the show then tomorrow you remove it but the most important thing is your hair, are the ones who decide!

Pink Baby locks

Bahati surprised his fans with pink baby locks early in 2020. Photo courtesy

In June 2020, Bahati dyed his locks pink and asked fans to share their sincere opinions about his new hairstyle.

The majority of his fans disliked the hairstyle and discouraged him saying he looked like the coronavirus illustration.
Willy Paul, the singer, was among the people to comment and wondered if Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua failed to discourage her husband from getting his hair dyed pink.

Willy Paul: Sasa wewe, Diana hakukuambia ukweli bro? I’m so disappointed ume over do. Unakaa pink panther, the pink panther wa masaku hahahaha.

Long Dreadlocks

Singer Bahati in long dreads. Photo courtesy

In April 2019, Bahati wore some long black dreadlocks with maroon highlights at the ends.
Many including his wife Diana Marua was not pleased with the hairstyle claiming that it did not look good on her husband.
Diana Marua: Babe, I never fold on you, but this look on you, naaaaahhhh. Who’s with me?

Baby locks

Baby lovks is Bahati’s usual hairstyle

Baby locks are Bahati’s usual hairstyle that he has been wearing ever since he joined the music industry.

In May 2020, Diana Marua and some fans had discouraged the hairstyle he had during that time, and Bahati changed to his usual baby locks.

The two had drama then when Diana had attempted to shave Bahati’s dreadlocks during his reality show.

“If you support @dianamarua and you also want me to shave my dreadlocks comment nyooa,” the singer had said.

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