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Former Tahidi High actress Miss Morgan has shared about her love life, and she says she is in love

The actress appeared in an interview where she said she is in love with Jesus Christ

Morgan also said she is a single mother to a beautiful 8-year-old daughter

Tahidi High’s actress Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan has revealed her love-life, and she says she is not married but is in love with Jesus Christ.

The thespian appeared in an interview with YouTuber Hiram Maina alias Kamuhujia, and she shared all about her career and personal life.

When asked if she was married, the performing artist laughed and brushed off that question.

‘’This is one question that you guys never miss.How about you ask me if I am in love instead. I am in love and I am loved and I am loving it,’’ she said.

Then Hiram asked her who the lucky guy is and she said: ‘’Jesus Christ is my lucky guy, He is amazing, you should know Him.’’

The actress also disclosed that she is a single mother to an amazing 8-year-old daughter called Imani.

Waruinge explained that when she looks at her life, her daughter is the only thing she believes she did right and is currently why she wakes up and fights so hard in life.

‘’If she was not here, I think we would be talking a different story. So I feel blessed having her.’’


The performing artiste joined the popular show in 2006 as a deputy principal. She was then 26 years old, and the show was on its fourth season.

Despite being a celebrity, the Tahidi High actress shared that she dislikes unnecessary attention.

“You do not have privacy. Once you are a famous person or a celebrity, people will always find you; I am not on social media. I am just on Whatsapp because I do not like attention,”.

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Tahidi High actress Miss Morgan opens up on dating