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10 Kenya’s Hottest, Sexy Female Celebs In 2021 Aged Below 20 Years

For these young and bubbly cadre, rocking dream bodies is easy come, and not easily lost, unlike the over 25’s who are gym regulars and diet merchants for them to acquire dream bodies

5 Kenyan Female Celebs Who Are Married To Men Younger Than Their Ages

And the oldest meaning of love, which is love is blind and does not care about colour, age, race, wealth etc, seems to have landed in Kenya much more than before.

Trendy hairstyles for African ladies 2021

Lovely Hairdos for Kenyan Women Do you recollect the last time you visited your beautician, and you came up looking confident and more youthful? All things considered, if you do, it is no uncertainty you know the stylish Kenyan hairstyles...

7 reasons why nose piercing is becoming popular in Kenyan

Nose piercing amongst Kenyan women is no longer a new thing , the male gender also have embraced the trend hence it has actually gained popularity that a big population now have the piercing.

Amber Ray: I Am Not Embarrassed Of My Dark Past

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau better known as Amber Ray has disclosed that she is not worried about her past.