How to Solve Dragon Chaser Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

Fret no more, Kombatant, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to decipher this cryptic message and claim the treasures it unlocks.

The ever-challenging Invasions mode in Mortal Kombat 1 throws a gauntlet of enemies and puzzles your way. One particularly enigmatic hurdle you might encounter is the Dragon Chaser Klue. Fret no more, Kombatant, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to decipher this cryptic message and claim the treasures it unlocks.

Unveiling the Dragon Chaser’s Mystery

The Dragon Chaser Klue appears in the Flesh Pits stage during Season 6 of Invasions. The message itself is short but shrouded in metaphor: “The Dragon Chaser seeks companions with fiery hearts and the hunger of beasts.” To unlock the hidden rewards, you’ll need to translate this riddle into a specific course of action within the game.

The Key Lies in Character Selection

The solution hinges on the character you choose and their special moves. The “Dragon Chaser” refers to a character associated with fire, and “companions with fiery hearts” strengthens this connection. This immediately narrows us down to Scorpion and Liu Kang, the two fiery ninjas of Mortal Kombat 1.

The Burning Choice: Scorpion or Liu Kang?

While both Scorpion and Liu Kang possess fiery moves, Scorpion is the definitive answer.

Here’s why;

Scorpion’s Fiery Essence: Scorpion is synonymous with fire. His iconic Spear move erupts in flames, and his fatality, the Toasty!, involves setting his opponent ablaze.

Liu Kang’s Dragon Focus: While Liu Kang does have fire-based attacks like the Flying Dragon Kick, his overall theme leans more towards dragons than fire.

Therefore, to appease the Dragon Chaser, you must select Scorpion as your champion.

Unleashing the Fury Within

With Scorpion chosen, it’s time to unleash his fiery fury and fulfill the second part of the Klue: “companions with fiery hearts and the hunger of beasts.” This translates to performing specific attacks during the match.

The Hunger of the Beast: The “hunger” signifies a relentless offensive. Throughout the fight, maintain constant pressure on your opponent. Don’t let them breathe – unleash a barrage of combos and special moves.

Setting Hearts Ablaze: Here’s where the “fiery hearts” come into play. You need to land a specific move associated with fire: Scorpion’s Spear. This fiery projectile perfectly embodies the Klue’s message.

The Path to the Hidden Rewards

Here’s a breakdown of the actions required to solve the Dragon Chaser Klue:

1. Character Selection: Choose Scorpion as your fighter.

2. Unleash the Offensive: Throughout the match, maintain an aggressive playstyle, keeping your opponent on the defensive.

3. Fiery Fury: Land multiple hits of Scorpion’s Spear during the fight.

Once you’ve completed these steps, a special chime will sound, indicating the Klue has been solved. After defeating your opponent, a hidden chest will appear in the arena. This chest contains bonus rewards, which may include unique character skins, color palettes, and other valuable items.

Tips and Tricks for Success

While the core solution is straightforward, here are some additional tips to ensure you conquer the Dragon Chaser Klue:

Practice Makes Perfect: Before venturing into Invasions, spend some time honing your Scorpion skills in Training Mode. Master his combos and perfect the timing of his Spear.

Prioritize the Spear: While maintaining aggression is important, prioritize landing multiple Spears throughout the fight. This is the key element that triggers the Klue’s solution.

Difficulty Matters: The Invasions difficulty you choose can affect the number of Spears you need to land. On lower difficulties, a couple of well-placed Spears might suffice. On higher difficulties, you may need to weave them more consistently into your combos.

Embrace the Challenge: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t solve the Klue on your first try. Invasions are designed to test your skills, so keep practicing and you’ll conquer the Dragon Chaser in no time.

By following these steps and employing these helpful tricks, you’ll be well on your way to cracking the Dragon Chaser Klue and unlocking the hidden rewards that await within the Flesh Pits. So, don your Scorpion mask, unleash your fiery spirit, and claim your spoils in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasions.

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