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Infertility among women has been at the front line leading to break ups and stress among married couples. A lot of people have struggled so much with infertility including even some of the renowned celebrities and some have opened up about it while others haven’t gained the courage.

Celebrated gospel musician Shiro Wa Gp is a month those who struggled with the problem and has opened up on how life was tough for her and her husband.

While speaking at a recent interview, the singer revealed that she and her husband tried almost everything they could to help her treat her infertility but all did not bear any ripe fruits.

Shiro said that her husband was now under pressure and at the same tied of trying as they had spent millions of money trying to get a baby.

The singer revealed that she was hit with heartbreak after her husband stepped out of their marriage and impregnated a different woman. A woman who used to attend the same church with them.

Shiro stated that her husband felt really bad when their fans asked them about siring babies of their own and it was when he chose a different plan.

The renowned musician said that when her husband impregnated a different woman, she was also getting famous and her music career was thriving.

When her husband’s baby mama was five months pregnant, she also realized she was pregnant and luckily conceived twins.

“We had spent lots of millions to treat my ‘infertility’ but all the efforts were in vain. My husband bowed to pressure and impregnated a woman we attended the same church with,” she said.

“When the baby mama was five months pregnant, I also luckily got pregnant with twins, a big and a girl and I was so excited,” Shiro revealed.

However during deliver, Shiro lost one of her twins, a boy but the girl survived out of premature pregnancy.

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Shiro Wa GP opens on on past struggle with infertility