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Business woman Huddah Monroe is definitely disappointed after Kenyan 100 meters fast-rising sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala turned down her advances hours after she openly disclosed she has a huge crush on her.

On her Instagram page, the curvaceous socialite revealed that she madly likes the sprinter and even tagged popular tabloid Mpasho asking them to help hook him to her.

Her confession came just after Omanyala’s outstanding performance at the Kip Keino classic, where he clocked 9.85 seconds to win the men’s 100m championship.

In her text, Huddah revealed that she would not be traveling outside the country any time soon because she has a new catch.

“Omanyala is not so bad looking, hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki…connect hiyo date,” she wrote.

With her high hopes on winning the sprinters heart, Huddah was just served a hot cup of disappointment. Speaking at an interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali, Omanyala boldly turned her advances.

Well, it should be noted that Omanyala is a husband to his beautiful wife called Laventa Omanyala and together have been blessed with a son.

The sprinter openly told Huddah to find someone else because apart from not dating her he was not even ready to start off a friendship relationship with her.

“Shetani ashindwe! Huyo hata akituma nini bana hawezi nipata. Kitu anaweza pata maybe ni jina. Simtaki, nishafunga hiyo safari. (The devil be defeated. She can never get me, the only thing she can get out of this is fame. I don’t want her, I’m already taken),”said Omanyala.

Omanyala added that his wife is even more beautiful that her and can never even think of replacing her with the socialite. He also stated that he would never make Huddah his second wife.

“That is not possible, my wife is prettier than she is, so why would I take her as a second wife?” he posed.

Omanyala further explained that of late, he has been experiencing the same from most of his female fans And all he wants is to avoid any trouble with the ladies.

“It is not only Huddah, I will run away from! If I see any woman coming at me with those similar intentions, I take off. I take off fast like Kipchoge, very fast. I’m very loyal to my wife.”

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Shetani Ashindwe: Omanyala turns down Huddah’s advances