Sergio Perez Parents: Meet Antonio Pérez Garibay and Marilú Pérez

Perez holds the title of the most successful Mexican Formula One driver, having secured more points than any of his compatriots.

Sergio Perez
Racing driver Sergio Perez PHOTO/The Mirror

Sergio Perez, also known by his nickname “Checo,” is a Mexican racing driver who has carved his name into Formula One history.

Born in 1990, his journey to the top began at a young age, starting in karting at just six years old. His talent was evident early on, as he racked up wins throughout his junior racing career.

Perez’s Formula One career began in 2011, and he has raced for several teams throughout his tenure. He has displayed both grit and finesse on the track.

He’s known for his aggressive driving style when battling for position, but also possesses a smooth and strategic approach that allows him to excel at tire management.

This combination has earned him the respect of fans and fellow racers alike.

As a driver, Perez has achieved significant milestones. He holds the title of the most successful Mexican Formula One driver, having secured more points than any of his compatriots.

His biggest accomplishment came in 2020 when he clinched a dramatic victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix. This win not only matched the achievement of his Mexican racing hero Pedro Rodriguez, but it also propelled him to a coveted seat at Red Bull Racing.

Since joining Red Bull, Perez has become a valuable asset to the team, playing a crucial role in their championship victories.

While his teammate Max Verstappen has secured the driver’s title for the past three years, Perez has consistently delivered strong performances, including five additional Grand Prix wins.

His contributions have been instrumental in Red Bull’s overall success. Looking ahead, Perez is sure to continue thrilling fans with his racing prowess and remain a key player in the high-octane world of Formula One.


Perez’s parents are Antonio Pérez Garibay and Marilú Pérez.

There isn’t a whole lot of information publicly available about Marilú, but Antonio has a higher profile. He is a businessman and a politician in Mexico.

This has brought some attention to Sergio, both positive and negative. On the positive side, Antonio has undoubtedly been a source of support for Sergio’s racing career.

He reportedly played a key role in securing sponsorships that helped Sergio progress through the ranks of racing.

However, Antonio’s political career has also stirred controversy. Some Mexican fans have booed Sergio at the Mexican Grand Prix, and this is thought to be at least partly in response to his father’s political stances.

Despite this, Sergio and Antonio seem to have a close relationship. Antonio is a frequent presence at races and is very vocal in his support for his son’s racing career.

Karting career

Perez’s racing journey began at a very young age, on the go-kart track. He strapped himself into a kart for the first time at just six years old in 1996.

Even in his debut year, he showed exceptional talent, clinching second place overall in his category with a noteworthy four victories. This early success was a strong indicator of what was to come for the young driver.

Throughout his karting career in Mexico, Perez continued to impress. He conquered the Master Kadets and Shifter 125cc classes, showcasing his racing prowess.

He even etched his name in history by becoming the youngest driver to win a competition in the Shifter 80cc class.

His hunger for competition wasn’t limited to his home country. In 2000, he participated in three races of the Shifter 125cc category, which was part of the Telmex Challenge, demonstrating his desire to test his skills on a broader stage.

By 2002, Perez had become a national force. He secured a runner-up position in the Shifter 125cc category with a dominant performance of six wins.

That same year, he also competed in the global Shifter 80cc race held in Las Vegas, where his qualifying skills shone as he secured a P5 starting position.

Although the race resulted in an 11th-place finish, it was a valuable experience for the young driver on the international racing scene.

These triumphs in the karting world laid a solid foundation for Perez’s ascent through the ranks of motorsport, ultimately leading him to the pinnacle of Formula One racing.

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Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez with his dad PHOTO/Marca

Formula One career

Starting at a young age in karting, he quickly displayed talent, rising through the ranks before making his F1 debut in 2011 with Sauber.

Although his debut race ended in a heartbreaking disqualification due to a technical infringement, Perez’s tenacity shone through.

His early career was defined by perseverance. He raced for Sauber, McLaren, and then Force India (later Racing Point). While podium finishes came as early as 2012 with Sauber, a race win remained elusive.

He became known for his aggressive driving style and excellent tire management, excelling at stretching performance and making strategic overtakes.

A breakthrough moment arrived in 2020. Racing for Racing Point, Perez finally secured his first Grand Prix victory at the chaotic Sakhir Grand Prix.

This win, achieved after 190 race starts, was a record at the time. It also propelled him to a coveted seat at Red Bull Racing for the 2021 season.

Partnering with championship contender Max Verstappen, Perez adapted to a supporting role. His strategic understanding and ability to fight for position on the track proved invaluable to Red Bull.

He secured crucial race wins and podium finishes, playing a key part in Verstappen’s championship victories in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Perez’s own skills haven’t diminished. He’s added five more wins to his tally with Red Bull, including a recent victory at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

He consistently pushes Verstappen for the top step, recently finishing runner-up to his teammate in the 2023 Driver’s Championship.

With a contract that extends to the end of the 2024 season, Perez looks set to continue his impressive Formula One career, thrilling fans with his racing prowess.

Steady growth

While some drivers find their peak early, Perez has steadily improved throughout his career.

For most of his career, Perez raced for teams outside the top tier. Despite that, he managed to secure his first Grand Prix win in 2020 at the Sakhir Grand Prix, driving for Racing Point.

This victory came at a record-breaking 190th race start, the most attempted races before a driver’s maiden win. This achievement highlighted his ability to consistently perform well even without a championship-caliber car.

Another record Perez holds is for the most races before achieving a pole position. In 2022, at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, he secured the number one starting spot for the first time.

This came after a staggering 215 race starts. This record showcases his steady development as a driver, eventually reaching the level to compete for the top starting position.

Beyond these records, Perez boasts a total of six Grand Prix victories and 35 podium finishes as of today.

He is also the most successful Mexican driver in Formula One history in terms of total points scored.

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