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Sailors gang’s Qoqos Juma narrates how record labels sabotaged their music career

QoqosJuma a member of the popular gengetone group Sailors Gang has recently narrated how he has been suffering trying to make ends meet and also to survive in the music industry.

According to the musician life has been rough for him and the entire of sailors gang for the past few years. He explained that he and his friends tried their best to come up in the industry but we’re always pulled down by managements and record label.

“Maisha imekuwa ngumu, tangu nianze Usanii, Maisha imekuwa ngumu mpaka unashindwa kwani vijana tulifanya nini, Kijana akijaribu kujiinua anapigwa, si na Management, si Record label.”

“Life has been very hard, since I joined the music industry things have not been easy, you try to come up as an artiste you are pulled down by the management and record labels)”, emotional Qoqos revealed.

Qoqos further boldly revealed that many gengetone groups have parted ways following toxic managements and record labels.

“At the moment we are working individual because of the label, they don’t want us as team. All this Gengetone artistes have been brought down by the record labels and I will not shy away from speaking the truth,” he said.

Adding on, Qoqos revealed that since the day they were signed on labels the only good or rather big thing they got was a smartphone.

“The only benefit is this phone and even this we got it from a Company that had already approached us,” he added.

The singer also disclosed that he and the entire sailor group are in good terms and hang out together but unfortunately cannot release music together.

“Kenya artistes suffer a lot because the government doesn’t even care about them. We still hang out together but unfortunately we can’t release music as a group,” Qoqos revealed.

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