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The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown might have been worse to a percentage of people in the world but to others it was time to invent.

A man in South Africa just thought it would be a good idea to create reusable tissues.

To him, AdvoBarryRoux the use of tissue clothes could save the world big time.

Sharing the invention on his Twitter account, some users agreed that it was a great idea and the best way to save money.

And now there were this people who wondered who would be washing the piece of clothe.

The post elicited mixed reactions, a heated debate between those who agreed with the idea and those who opposed.

A user said that using the piece of clothe as a tissue is same us using baby nappies.

Check out some funny, hillarious and crazy comments from users.

Natalie : All kinds of nasty. So who gets to wash it?

Ignatious Ndlov : This is a joke right! Surely in this pandemic and you come up with this awful idea! Aai

AlbertMohlala : Save planet by using washable diapers instead of disposable diapers. I think that will be better.

starblack_jnr : “So I guess I throw it in the washing basket when I’m done. Then I wash it with my laundry over the weekend, meanwhile, my house is smelling like my a**.”

keke_izee : “Where do you keep them?”

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Reusable tissues, Who will wash them?