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A good number of women lust over men with hairy chests or even sometimes a manicured head-to-toe. approached over 100 women and asked them “Hair or no hair?” Their answers will surprise you.

Girls think men with hairy chests are;


From the comments we got from the women, a lot of them think hairy men are most romantic those with soft chests. They added that hairy men know how to love and care.

Are a turn on

A section of the ladies revealed that when a they see a hairy chest their minds automatically switch to sex.


Being handsome means one has a masculine body, coupled with features every lady is looking for. Hairy chests are ranked among the most preferred features by women. Therefore,a man with hairy chest is classified as handsome by default.

When the man’s hairy chest touches her.

According to ladies, when they are on with a hairy man, the start imagining the every romantic moment that is going to happen.

So men kindly don’t shave

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Reasons why women love men with hairy chests