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Rapper Billnass Proposes to Longterm Girlfriend Nandy


Celebrated Tanzanian bongo star Nandy is officially of the market after her longtime boyfriend rapper Billnas proposed.

It is reported that the rapper went down on his knee and asked his lover for her hand in marriage in an introduction ceremony that brought together families.

The rapper reportedly bought a shiny ring that cost about KSh 393,000. The two wore black and gold matching outfits.

It should be noted that thus is the second time Bilnass is going down on one knee and proposing to Nandy.

In April 2020, the rapper stunned Nandy who was performing during a live show in Tanzania after walking up on stage and proposed to the singer.

“We’ve been together ka kipindi kirefu sana tumepitia vitu vingi vizuri na vibaya. Najua upande wako mbaya, najua upande wako mzuri but nimechagua pande zote mbili nakupenda sana na ninatamani dunia nzima ijue so leo itakuwa siku nzuri sana kupropose. I love you,” he said.

This comes a month after Nandy refuted claims that she is pregnant for her boyfriend noting that when she gets pregnant, the news will not be hidden from her fans.

“Kwa sasa hamna ujauzito, na mimi kama unafuatilia vizuri swala la uja uzito, huu ni mwaka wa pili sasa watu wanazungumzia. Nakumbuka nikifanya nyimbo ya giza Kinene na nimeshiba zangu watu wanasema nina ujauzito

“Sasa uja uzito gani huo ambao haukuwi, wala sizai? Watu waache kupredict vitu, na nikiwa na uja uzito hakuna kitu cha kuficha,” Nandy said in an interview.


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