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Pritty Vishy shames her dad on Fathers Day: “He’s deadbeat”

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy on Sunday, June 19 marked Fathers day in a unique style by celebrating her mother and not father unlike the rest of the world.

As for Pritty, instead of wishing her dad well and prosperity, she sent him some harsh and very heartbreaking words.

In her social media post, she noted that her mother deserved all the accolades and not her dad as she disclosed that he is a deadbeat dad.

“Happy fathers day to my mummy And to all men I won’t win my dad that nigga is a deadbit [sic] I said what I said,” Pritty captioned a photo where she posed with her mom.

Fans posted their reactions with some supporting her sentiment and others asking her to at least show some respect to her father on this one day.

“But no mother can replace a father,” one of her fans told her.

“Think twice before you post..mzazi ni mzazi,kama sii babako haungekuwa hapa,” another fan added.

Another fan advised her saying, “Baby gal your mother can never be your father, no matter the circumstances, the two can ever interchange”.

Hakuna ati mzazi ni mzazi my friend…A DEADBIT IS A DEADBIT!!!!!!!!!!!You dont run away from your kids when they are still young and expect them to appreciate you when they make it in life!!

Doesn’t matter respect to your parents ala.

Babygirl i understand you ,my dad left us when i was 5 now am 23,but remember what the greatest commandment is the only one with a promise,how i wish i would see my dad ,its 18 years now and i want to see that man honour him coz if it wasnt for him i coulda never existed.

Baby gal your mother can never be your father, no matter the circumstances, the two can ever interchange.

Perfect,wale ma deadbit father’s wa kwende kabisa.

Usikue fala,mzazi wakike hawezikukuzaa bila mbengu zakiume.

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