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The Ukambani Rock, Nzambani Rock, has superstitious power to convert Man to a Woman in 7 rounds. The villagers claims that the rock has dark magical powers.

The second Largest Rock In the world after the Columbian rock has very strange and sophisticated powers.

Found in Kitui county in Kenya, the second largest rock has superstitious powers.

The Nzambani rock has magical powers and is said to be the most attractive tourist site in the county.

It is believed that anyone walking around the second-largest rock, the Nzambani Rock seven times will have his gender converted.

The Ukambani Rock, Nzambani rock

However, The Ukambani Rock story is one of the interesting tales about the rock that has since become a source of curiosity for many visitors of Kitui County.

This mystical rock in Kitui County has not only become a tourist attraction but also an important site for research students.

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Nzambani Rock:Ukambani Rock that can convert man to woman – VIDEO