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Nakulombotove: Latest “Shembeteng” phrases and their meaning

Sheng has been evolving from day to day. Changes to this sheng word happen on daily basis and actually what you know today it’s meaning might change tomorrow.

Sheng grew rapidly in Kenya when gengetone genre was fresh and new. The young artists would use sheng phrases and in the same manner they created new words.

Apart from the normal shengs which most Kenyans were struggling to understand, there is another sheng language in town.

This time round, the new language has caused confusion among Kenyans. Most social media users are really struggling to to understand the “Shembeteng” language.

The language was introduced by Kayole youths identified as Jeshi Jinga. It is however not clear who sat and crafted the vocabulary of this new language.

Don’t mind if you still don’t understand this language. We have gathered some of the most popular ‘Shembeteng’ phrases to help you communicate with your friends.

Below is a list of “Shembeteng” words and their meaning;

  1. Wambatangu (mine)
  2. Kizumbutungu (English).
  3. Nakulombotove (I love you).
  4. Yambatako (yours).
  5. Lumbutuku (Drip).
  6. Nakuhambatate (I hate you).
  7. Kiambatasi (a little).
  8. Zombotote (all of it).
  9. Mazembete – (girls)
  10. Mzimbiting – (man or a father/dad)
  11. Mshombotosh – (grandmother (Shosho) )
  12. Mrombotoko – (mother (Mokoro)
  13. Fomboto – follow
  14. Gembeteto – ghetto
  15. Jembeteshi – a group or a gang
  16. Lumbutuga – language
  17. Majumbutu – abroad (Majuu)
  18. Mbatoyoyo – means f*ck you in English
  19. Mkasembete – (Mkamba)
  20. Mafambatans – fans
  21. Jamambataica – Jamaica
  22. Ndumbututhi – motorcycle (Boda Boda/Nduthi)
  23. Rotembetejo – area
  24. Arimbif – a friend
  25. Shimbitikwa – arrested
  26. Yambatako – Yours (Yako)
  27. Kayombotole – Kayole
  28. Madombotocho – another name for Madocho in Shembeteng language
  29. Mkisimbiti – (Mkisii)
  30. Gembetenge – (ngeli ya genge)
  31. Jimbitinga – (stupid (Jinga)
  32. Rumbutungu – (money)
  33. Kuntaka – (fool)

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