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Popular actor Andrew Muthure popularly known as Mustafa for his role in Citizen TV’s Mother-In-Law show has appealed to Kenyans of goodwill to help them support baby Neillah.

Speaking during an interview with TUKO the star urged everything to help them raise KSh 3 million to save the child’s life.

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The child was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic disorder caused by weakness in muscle movements.

Baby Neillah was given two years to live by doctors but fortunately managed to see her another year. Her family has since stood with and are ready to do anything to save her.

Three years is a bit full time. It is when a child is supposed to be exploring. She should be getting your clothes wet and breaking things in the house, like the normal things kids that age do. Unfortunately baby Neillah cannot do that based on her restricted mobility. As a parent, you want to spend good quality time with your child. Neillah’s parents have tried to get her to where she is and now, they need help. To get the ventilator and other things she will need to stay longer and comfortable, and for them to spend more time with their child,” he explained.

Mustafa believes Kenyans of goodwill will stand with the family as they have always done for anyone in need.

“Ksh 3 million is not a lot but it could be so much for one person. Let’s all donate the little that we have and together let us help this family, you never know what good return this will have for you,” he added.

Fans shared some of their thoughts and encouraging messages to the family.

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Elizah Gloriah: “This makes me shed tears always, may the Almighty God beautify baby Neilah’s life, more divine grace to her parents. We will give support.”

Majelagat Jebiwott Kangogo: “Healing is her portion, sending love to the parents.”

Mhumble Rolyn: “Nothing is impossible to God, everything will be fine in Jesus name, baby Naillah receive your good health.”

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Mustafa mother-in-law actor asks for help to save baby Neillah