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Mourners In Gatanga Forced To Run For Their Lives After The Deceased’s Kin Dropped A Beehive Next To The Casket As The Burial Ceremony Was Ongoing


A drama was witnessed at a burial ceremony in Gatanga after the deceased kin dropped a beehive near the casket as the funeral service was ongoing forcing mourners to run for their lives.

The incident forced the burial service of Wilson Nyaga, 30, who killed himself last week by hanging from an avocado tree belonging to his stepbrother to temporarily stop.

Reports say that the tree the deceased hanged himself on was later cut down as per the family’s custom and beliefs, a move that hungered his brother.

The brother, therefore, demanded to be compensated for the cut tree before the deceased was buried.

Family members say that the brother had vowed to prevent the burial should they fail to compensate him but they did not take him seriously.

“We went to the morgue to collect the body and just moments after the mourners settled for the service, the culprit climbed up the tree and pulled down the beehive” Chege Nduati, one of the family members said.

“We did not think that his threat could come to this extent which has led to many people getting hurt,” another family member said.

Following his action, tens of mourners and members of the clergy were badly stung by the bees and are currently receiving treatment in local hospitals.

It took hours for things to return to normal at the funeral service after which a few youths volunteered to quickly bury the body

Police have launched a man hunt for the culprit who is currently on the run.


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