Most Successful Celebrity Investors: Study Reveals

The most popular industries among celebrity investments were technology, sports, food and healthcare.

Mark Cuban
TV personality Mark Cuban PHOTO/Investopedia
  • A new study reveals the most successful celebrity investors based on the number of investments and the industries they choose to invest in. 
  • Mark Cuban, famous for the Shark Tank reality show, leads as a top celebrity investor with 245 investments. 
  • The most popular industries among celebrity investments were technology, sports, food and healthcare.

Cryptorush Casino has recently compiled a list of the most successful celebrity investors, based on data from Crunchbase.

This ranking was determined by the number of investments and provides insights into the celebrities’ latest investments and their favored industries.

1. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, famous for the Shark Tank reality show, leads as a top celebrity investor with 245 investments.

His latest investment was in the gaming sector when the company raised $12M.

Cuban’s success is due to his focus on emerging technologies and his recent investments include AI, EV, disruptive tech, and other businesses.

2. Baron Davis

Baron Davis is following in second place with 54 investments. He focuses on sectors like mobile apps and finances.

The former professional basketball player’s venture into a tech enterprise aimed at providing children with financial literacy shows his commitment to prioritizing digital finance and tech-driven solutions.

This marks a distinct approach compared to Cuban’s broader investment focus.

3. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, ranking third, has made 50 investments, mostly in sports, food, and healthcare.

Basketball veteran’s recent investments were in a sports intelligence company, and in a volleyball community.

From athletic endeavors to health-centric enterprises, Durant’s diverse investment interests reflect his unique approach to wealth creation.

4. Will Smith

Will Smith occupies the fourth position with 28 investments under his belt.

The actor’s focus areas include entertainment, fintech and virtual reality, with his recent investments featuring companies that merge technology and entertainment.

His investment choices reflect a combination of advanced media and financial technologies. Tied to Mark Cuban, Smith’s investments allowed companies to raise $12M.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, in fifth place, holds 26 investments, focusing primarily on luxury, AI, and renewable energy sectors.

DiCaprio’s investment choices are in line with his commitment to environmental activism.

He was able to raise $35.5M with his latest investments, ranking the second on the list with the latest investment company’s raised money.

6. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, DJ and music producer, ranks sixth with 21 investments. Aoki’s diverse investment interests span across the food, fashion and music industries.

In his most recent venture, Aoki has invested in the snack food industry, shared with fellow entrepreneur Kevin Durant.

He also has investments in various online music creation platforms.

7. Stephen Curry and Justin Timberlake

Stephen Curry and Justin Timberlake are tied for seventh place, each holding 16 investments.

Curry’s investments are centered on fintech and sports. In contrast, Timberlake’s portfolio includes food, cyber security, and sports.

They both have invested in a company that is aimed at building progressive approaches in sports, media and technology.

8. Paris Hilton and Serena Williams

Paris Hilton and Serena Williams take eighth place each with 15 investments. Hilton’s investments focus on software, music, and e-commerce.

Serena has interests in healthcare and sports companies and her recent investments are in a health optimization platform that appeared in the portfolios of a couple of other athletes from the list.

9. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is ranked ninth with 13 investments, focusing mainly on fashion and recycling.

Recent investments include companies specializing in baby care products, recycling and fashion technology.

10. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan completes the top 10 list with 11 investments.

Basketball legend’s recent investments are more focused on emerging digital technologies like NFT-related, next-generation game technology and estate advisory platforms, boosting companies’ profits up to $47M.

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