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Mixed reactions as bride refuses to kiss groom -VIDEO

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A bride has left many in shock, after declining to kiss her wedded husband on their wedding day.

During the moment when the priest asked the groom to kiss her bride, the bride locked her lips and dodged her husband.

The groom tried to kiss her but to no avail, since she kept declining and dodging his moves.

From the video, posted by @mufasatundeednut on Instagram, you can see the bride shyly feigning happiness.

In the end, the groom who had made every move to kiss her, got a light kiss which was short lived, as the bride moved away from him quickly.


The video went viral on social media attracting users who didn’t hesitate to fill the comments section with their thoughts.

jullyboss: Shy much? I would use both hands to hold her head steady and kiss her..

yetundebakare: She looks like someone is forcing her or she is lying to the man that she just married and pretending to be in love with him.

funnymrpeter: I don’t have issues with the bride, the DJ is the problem here, why would he play such a song.

olori_tennys: Was she not aware the wedding will take place? I do not understand.

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