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Mixed reactions as Bahati gifts wife, Diana Marua fully furnished house


Social media users have massively reacted to musician Bahati’s expensive gifs for his wife Diana Marua on Valentine’s day with many congratulating him for being a darling while other doubted his source of income.

Well, over the weekend, Bahati gifted his wife a brand new car in a surprise reveal at the Windsor Golf Club.

However a good number of Kenyans have refused to accept that they were not promoting the car because a day before photos leaked online while they were preparing the ‘surprise’ together.

Bahati took to social media and made the big announcement and cared less about the leak.

“I wanted to show that I appreciate you for a good job, you’re almost at 700,000 subscribers, you have come into the music industry and have outdone yourself…you are on the right path…the day that people will stop talking about you, just know that you’re dead brandwise,” Bahati said.

Later, he presented her with the expensive ride accompanied with heartwarming compliment.

“A brand new Prado Toyota TX gift for mama watoto, @Diana_Marua, nimpee hizi gift mbili zimebaki ama nitulieeee?” wrote Bahati on his Instagram page.

He continued, “And that’s how you surprise a queen. Babe, I hope you have loved your third gift…enjoy. Gift presented at the Windsor Golf Club. Every day at 3 pm for the next five days I will be giving my wife a gift, the last gift will be on 14th February.”

Bahati presented the next gift on Monday, February 14 on Valentine’s day. The star surprised his wife with a fully furnished house.

“I have taken time to get you this gift because this has been your dream for so long. This is your gift you can be proud of it and be proud that you own it… I know you have been waiting for so long and I know you are not expecting this but…

“You are now a proud owner of this Mansion and it’s fully furnished,” Bahati said.

Excited Diana could not control her tear of Joy. She took to social media to thank her husband and professed more love for him.

“Thank you, baby. I love you so much. My baby got me a chopper ride to surprise me with a new house, a whole mansion. Thank you god for teaching me patience, you indeed make it beautiful in your own time.”

“My king Bahati I am overwhelmed with joy, with gratitude. I still don’t have words to explain how I feel. thank you for giving us the best, a whole palace. I am the happiest woman on earth right now! Welcome to the Bahatis residence, omg,” An emotional Diana said.

An for their fans, they had mixed reactions, some believed the gifts were real while other doubted.

fatmas.sai: Really? Wameshinda Dangote after every 3 months ,Mercedes,title deed na house…iko problem hpa

chanel_pichu: Sasa mnalalamika ni nyinyi ndio uwapatie hiyo pesa through there concert’s na YouTube mki view maisha yao mnanua bundles mnakula sukuma kavu mnalala bedsiter check eve mugai in 6 months amenunua gari na nyumba endeleeni kuwatajirisha.

shensea870: Hawa wasiwapee presha mbona tusha wazoea na hii clout chasing Yao duuh!watafika mbinguni ka wamechoka ,naulizaje ?zile magari huendanga.

masila_justus: Kwani ushindia kupewa same gifts every Valentine.

njeri_esta_07: Si ampee dunia yote sasa..nini hajawahi mpa?

yiontanyce: They try to copy the wajesus every move.

kevinsamoka: Ata drake hafanyani ivi walai.

a_azizofficial:Hizi vitu jo ni kiki.

kenyan2304: Gari zenye haziendeshwi nanyumba hawaishi wueh.

djleen_Cograsss: mama heaven am happy for u gal

kim.kimani.254: na pesa gani….arudi banana.

emmienkiro: Kesho wasikose kua uko.


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