Laura Rutledge Husband: Meet Josh Rutledge, a Former MLB Player Turned Businessman

As Laura continues to shine in the sports media world, Josh’s unwavering support and their shared love for sports and each other will undoubtedly continue to be the foundation of their unbreakable bond.

Laura Rutledge, the rising star of ESPN, has captured the hearts of sports fans not only for her exceptional reporting skills but also for her loving relationship with her husband, Josh Rutledge.

The couple’s journey from meeting at a football tailgate to building a family together is a testament to their shared passion for sports and each other. Their story is one of mutual support, understanding, and a deep appreciation for each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Alabama Roots and Baseball Beginnings

Born and raised in Cullman, Alabama, Josh’s athletic prowess was evident from an early age. He excelled in baseball during high school, leading his team to a state championship and earning the title of Alabama 5A Player of the Year. Josh’s baseball career continued to flourish when he joined the University of Alabama in 2007, where he met Laura in 2011 at a football tailgate. The two shared an immediate connection, bonding over their love for sports and their shared experiences as student-athletes.

After three successful years at the University of Alabama, Josh left college to pursue a professional baseball career. In 2010, he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies, marking the beginning of his journey in the Major Leagues. Josh made his MLB debut in 2012 and went on to play for the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox before joining the San Francisco Giants’ minor league team. He retired from baseball in 2018, having left an indelible mark on the sport he had dedicated his life to.

A Match Made in Sports Heaven

Laura and Josh’s shared love for sports has been the foundation of their relationship. In an interview with SB Nation, Laura expressed her thoughts on their mutual passion, saying, “I actually think it’s been great for both of us because we both have our own careers and we also understand a lot about each other’s careers. It makes it easier for us to support each other in ways that if you haven’t ever experienced it before, it might be more difficult.”

The couple’s understanding of the demands and challenges of their respective careers has allowed them to build a strong, supportive partnership. The couple tied the knot on December 7, 2013, and have since shared numerous photos from their special day, including their first look and dance. On their 10th wedding anniversary, Laura posted heartfelt messages on Instagram, expressing her gratitude for their beautiful life together and the unwavering love they have built over the years.

Growing Their Family

Laura and Josh’s love story took an exciting turn when they welcomed their first child, Reese, in October 2019. Laura shared the news on social media, revealing that their daughter was excited about becoming a big sister. In May 2023, they announced the birth of their second child, Jack, and spoke to PEOPLE about their joy in expanding their family. “It’s so special to know that we are giving our daughter Reese a sibling, especially after going through a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2021,” Laura told PEOPLE.

She added that Reese was “over the moon excited about being a big sister. She loves babies and she is already telling us all the things she’s going to teach Jack how to do. She always amazes us but watching her become a big sister is remarkable.” The couple’s commitment to their family and their desire to provide a loving, supportive environment for their children is a testament to their strong bond and their shared values.

New Career Ventures

After retiring from baseball, Josh embarked on new career paths, demonstrating his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. He became a financial advisor at Wells Fargo for three years, leveraging his business acumen and financial expertise to help clients achieve their financial goals. In 2022, Josh decided to dive into the real estate world, becoming a realtor with Coldwell Banker West Hartford in Connecticut.

He is also licensed in Massachusetts, allowing him to expand his reach and serve a wider client base. Josh often shares his latest listings on Instagram, expressing his enthusiasm for his new career venture and the opportunity to help others find their dream homes. In addition to his real estate ventures, Josh co-owns West Alabama Ford, a full-service Ford dealership in Sulligent, Alabama. He shared the news on Instagram in September 2022, expressing his eagerness to do business with customers and contribute to the local community.

Passion for the Outdoors

Alongside his professional pursuits, Josh’s love for the outdoors is evident in his hobbies. He enjoys bow hunting and frequently shares photos of his fishing catches on Instagram, showcasing his skills and passion for the sport.

From Mahi-mahi to bigmouth bass and amber jack, Josh’s Instagram feed is a testament to his adventurous spirit and his appreciation for the natural world. These outdoor activities not only provide him with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation but also serve as a way for him to connect with his surroundings and find balance in his life.

A Supportive Partnership

Throughout their journey, Laura and Josh have been each other’s biggest supporters. Laura has praised Josh for his unwavering support, saying, “He’s just always been a wonderful supporter of me and everything that I’m doing in college football, college baseball, whatever it may be. He’s been such a great encourager and I hope I’ve done the same for him.” The couple’s bond is further strengthened by their shared experiences in the sports world.

Laura’s rise from Miss Florida 2012 to a seasoned sports reporter and Josh’s transition from a professional baseball player to a successful businessman have been marked by mutual support and understanding. Their ability to celebrate each other’s successes and provide a safe haven for one another during challenging times has been the cornerstone of their relationship.

A Genuine Personality

Laura’s genuine personality and welcoming presence have made her a beloved figure in the sports media world. As the host of ESPN’s NFL Live, she adeptly manages a diverse group of co-hosts and panelists, bringing out the best in each of their skill sets. Rutledge’s stage presence, which she honed during her time as Miss Florida, remains evident in her on-screen interactions.

Her positive attitude, genuine smile, and impeccable timing have cemented her status as one of sports television’s most recognizable and affable personalities. Viewers are drawn to her authenticity and her ability to connect with athletes, coaches, and fellow analysts, making her a trusted and respected voice in the industry.


Laura and Josh’s love story is a testament to the power of shared passions and mutual support. From their chance meeting at a football tailgate to building a family together, their journey has been filled with joy, laughter, and a deep appreciation for each other’s dreams and aspirations.

As Laura continues to shine in the sports media world, Josh’s unwavering support and their shared love for sports and each other will undoubtedly continue to be the foundation of their unbreakable bond. The couple’s story serves as an inspiration to others, showcasing the beauty of a partnership rooted in understanding, respect, and a shared commitment to supporting one another’s aspirations.

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