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Kenya’s most unique and unusual animals

It’s everyone’s desire to catch a glimpse of the beauty of our wild animals on their safari adventure.

Below are some of the the most unique and most unusual animals in Kenya which makes Kenya a country of tourist destination.

White giraffe

Apparently the rare white giraffe was first spotted in 2018. In Kenya it can only be spotted in a specific location in Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Garissa county.

The white giraffes are unique in their own way unlike the rest which are striped.The giraffes suffer from a genetic condition called leucism, which results to pigmentation in skin cells.

Blonde zebra

The blonde zebra is normal only that it is lighter than the normal zebras. The blonde zebra was diagnosed with amelanism which is a pigmentation abnormality caused by lack of color pigments.
The blonde zebra is in Loisaba conservancy in Laikipia .

Black spotted zebra

The black spotted zebra with rare polka dotted skin. It was first spotted in Maasai mara game reserve.


Sitatungas are semi aquatic in nature, meaning they can live both on land and in water.
They are mostly found in Saiwa Swamp National Park in Kitale.

Serval Cat

The serval cat is a medium-sized wild cat with spots like a leopard and stripes like a tiger.
The serval cat is in Selenkay Conservancy.


The caracal looks like the serval cat but without patterned fur. It has tufted ears that makes it look like an African version of lynx.


The hirolas have a slender with sandy-colored coat and have elongated face, long legs and a short neck. They also have a white line, or chevron, that passes from one eye to the other across the forehead.


The gerenuks have the body and size of a gazelle but a longer neck like a giraffe.
The gerenuks are found in Selenkay conservancy .

Honey badger

Is a black and white furry wild animal that can seem cute and cuddly but in reality attacks in a violent manner and is known to be fearless since it attacks the lion and even snakes such as the cobra.

They are mostly found in the north eastern part of Kenya.

Mountain bongo

The mountain bongos have a striking reddish-chestnut coat with black markings, white stripes and long spiralling horns.
They are found in forests of central Kenya.

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