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A video of former Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila working as a security guard has caused a stir on social media

In the video shared online by Instagram user @Nairobi_gossip_club the thespian dressed in green full watchman uniform.

However, it still remains unknown whether that is his new job or he was creating a skit video.

Here are some of the comments from social media users.

bienaimesol: Piga kazi eeh, Mkulima sichagui jembe, Mzigo wangu wacha nibebe….

shaqtheyungin: Stop judging, we ain’t in Hollywood!

eddiebutita: Hizi script mbaya hivi wasanii mnaandikiwa na nani?

ericbellshigali: Ataanza kulia apo kwa gate.

6a6y_parroty: sikuizi anaoga akienda kazi

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‘Kazi ni Kazi’ Omosh allegedly working as watchman