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Kamene Goro shares her thoughts on Jimal’s apology to ex-wife: “I can’t accept a cheating man’s apology”

Media personality and radio presenter Kamene Goro during her morning show at Kiss FM shared her opinion on Jimal RohoSafi’s apology to his ex-wife Amira after an ugly break up due to his cheating behaviours.

Kamene said that she is a very unforgiving person and in such a case she would never accept the apology.

The beautiful presenter further adds that no matter how many times a person who wrongs her apologizes she would never forgive them.

“The minute there is an embarrassment, haikui no matter how many sorrys you say. “I am a very unforgiving person. Ukinikosea umenikosea.Whether you say sorry or not. I would be done with you,” Kamene said.

On the other hand her co-host Oga Obinna said that love is a beautiful thing and if someone has to do anything to be with the person they love then let them be.

“Love wins. If you love somebody and they wronged you, and really feel you can’t live without them, forgive them. If you truly love someone, forgive and forget,” he said.

The 30-year-old personality in her side maintained that even if someone cries a whole river she would never forgive.

“Once the line of respect has been crossed, yaani ile siku utanidharau mbele ya watu…you can cry me a river, forgive nobody, never forget! If anything, stay taliban, time for revenge,” she added.

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