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Jimmy Gait explains why he doesn’t date church girls

Celebrated gospel musician Jimmy Gait who has been in the music industry for a long time isn’t interested whatsoever in any way in Church girls despite him being a born-again Christian.

The ‘Muhadhara’ hitmaker believes that Church-going girls are nothing but hypocrites and are prone to giving men pressure, or more pressure.

Jimmy Gait real name James Ngaita Ngigi, 40 says he’s more than ready and willing to get married but his circumstances with women have not been favorable.

Speaking from experience, Jimmy Gait says he’s tried dating Church girls and it didn’t work at all.

“I have tried dating women in the church but it did not work. I want a woman who is saved and not religious.

Most of the church girls are religious but they are not really what they portray. I have always dated church girls and there is a lot of hypocrisy.” he said.

Jimmy Gait is sick and tired of church women pretending and living a life that doesn’t match up to what the church teaches.

Jimmy reiterated that his major problem with women, more specifically women from Nairobi is that the majority of them are not real at all.

“Msichana anajifanya she is very spiritual in church but outside she is a number one cheater, she will give you pressure because she wants money all the time.

They will give you pressure because of social media too. I don’t have a problem taking care of a woman, my problem is with women that are not real and a lot of women in Nairobi are not real,” he went on.

Gait who is a very successful businessman as much as he’s a successful gospel musician confessed that he’s single waiting for God to bless him with a wife.

“I have dated, quite a number of times and it didn’t work, nimetuma fare sana. Lakini hii Nairobi ni Nairoberry. For me I want someone who I can connect with and that’s not easy to come by but I am trusting God,” he opened up further.

Jimmy Gait will turn 41 years old on 15th July 2021.

In his recent interview with Standard Media last year, Jimmy Gait opened up about the type of business he’s into.

Among them are real estate, sales, and marketing among others being music of course.

“I do a couple of things. I have an advertising firm, so we advertise, we do commercials, jingles, all that. I’m also into sales and marketing.

That is actually the other side of me that people don’t know. I train salespeople. In some of these real estate companies I train a lot of their salespeople and that a passion I have, I’m a salesperson, I know how to sell.

I’m also into real estate. That is why I decided to create a system that can help me generate money even without me being there. And also that is why I decided to go slow on the music but I did not stop singing,” said Jimmy Gait in the aforemention interview with standard media.

On the same interview, Jimmy Gait opened up a little bit further and said that he’s more willing, ready, and waiting to settle down and start a family soon.

He went ahead to list the qualities he’s looking for in a girl.

“I am still single. I was in a relationship but we broke up. I really want to get married by the way.

The more you tell people what you are looking for they will start putting on those qualities like clothes.

When you get serious with them they remove them so I prefer just feeling it. When you get what you want, you’ll know. I know the kind of woman I am looking for.

I really admire an intelligent woman, I don’t like jumpy women. I like quiet classy sophisticated women. Of course, she has to be born again, it’s important for me,” he disclosed.

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