Jason Kidd Parents: All About Steve and Anne Kidd

Behind every great player lies a strong support system, and for Kidd, that foundation was built by his parents.

Jason Kidd
Basketball coach Jason Kidd PHOTO/NBAE

Jason Kidd, the “Point God” of basketball, with his dazzling assists and tenacious defense, carved a legendary career in the NBA. But behind every great player lies a strong support system, and for Jason, that foundation was built by his parents, Steve and Anne Kidd. Their influence, both individually and as a unit, significantly shaped the man and player he became.

From two worlds, one family

Jason’s family background is a beautiful blend of cultures. His father, Steve, was African-American, while his mother, Anne, is Irish-American. This diversity exposed Jason to a wider perspective and instilled in him a sense of appreciating different viewpoints. There’s limited information available about Steve’s relationship with Anne, but their successful upbringing of their three children speaks volumes about their partnership.

Steve Kidd: The supportive teammate

Steve played a pivotal role in Jason’s basketball journey. He wasn’t just a father; he was a constant source of encouragement and, at times, a critical eye. Steve’s job at an airline allowed him to travel frequently, and he used this opportunity to be a constant presence at Jason’s games, both home and away. They weren’t just father-son moments; they were moments between teammates. Steve would analyze Jason’s performance, offering constructive criticism that helped him grow. Jason himself acknowledges his father’s significant influence, crediting him for his successful career.

Beyond basketball: A father figure

Steve wasn’t just present at games; he was actively involved in Jason’s life. They would unwind together, playing dominos, shooting pool, or simply watching movies in hotel rooms. This strong bond went beyond basketball, fostering a deep sense of trust and respect between father and son. Sadly, Steve passed away from a heart attack in 1999. Though a devastating loss, Jason has spoken about how he believes his father would be proud of his accomplishments, both as a player and a coach.

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Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd’s family PHOTO/Distractify

Anne Kidd: The quiet pillar

While Steve’s influence was more outwardly visible, Anne’s role shouldn’t be underestimated. Information about her is scarce, but her contribution to raising Jason and his two sisters cannot be overlooked. She likely provided a sense of stability and emotional support within the family, allowing Steve to focus on Jason’s basketball development. Theirs was likely a quieter, but no less important, partnership that nurtured Jason’s well-being.

A legacy of support

The impact of Jason’s parents is undeniable. Steve’s unwavering support, both on and off the court, instilled in Jason a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit. Anne’s presence, though less documented, likely provided the emotional security that allowed Jason to flourish. Together, they created a nurturing environment that empowered Jason to chase his dreams and become an NBA legend.

More than just parents

Jason’s story is a testament to the transformative power of supportive parents. Steve and Anne, each in their own way, provided the perfect blend of encouragement, guidance, and love. They weren’t just parents; they were teammates, mentors, and cheerleaders. Their legacy extends far beyond the basketball court, serving as an inspiration to families everywhere.


Jason’s journey from a young boy in Oakland to an NBA champion wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of his parents. Steve, the ever-present teammate, and Anne, the quiet pillar of strength, together created a foundation that allowed their son to reach his full potential. Theirs is a story not just about basketball, but about the enduring power of family.

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