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James Kagambi: Kenyan climber conquers Mt Everest, worlds tallest mountain

James Kagambi, a retired Kenyan teacher made history after becoming the first Kenyan to summit Mt Everest which is the highest mountain in the world.

62-year-old Kagambi also known by his alias as KG and a resident of Naro Moru reached the top of the world’s highest mountain on Thursday at exactly 6am local time after a hard 40-day journey.

Kagambi was alongside the ‘full circle’ team led by Philip Henderson from California which aimed at becoming the first all-black group to reach the world’s highest point at 29,032 feet above sea level.

Other climbers who accompanied James included Phil Henderson, Manoah Ainuu, Fred Campbell, Abby Dione, Thomas Moore, Desmond “Dom” Mullins, Rosemary Saal, and Eddie Taylor.

Luckily their hard work did not go futile as they managed to get to the top of the mountain.

Before beginning his climbing career in 1987, Kagambi worked as a school teacher, sports coach, and traditional African music tutor.

In the same year, he was hired as a NOLS field teacher (National Outdoor Leadership School) in the US.

He spent almost 13 years as an outdoor instructor in the wilderness, teaching hiking, climbing, and mountaineering in Africa, Chile, and the United States.

KG has also taken part in NOLS climbing programs in Patagonia, Alaska, East Africa, and India on a regular basis.

He has also completed three of the Seven Summits and represented Africa in the 1992 Eiger Peace Climb organized by the United Nations.

KG has guided climbs on Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya since the 1990s. He trains search and rescue teams on Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro, and the Rwenzoris.

In Kenya, he has been recognized and honoured for his long-term contributions to the areas of rock climbing and mountaineering.

When KG is not practising his favourite hobby, high altitude climbing, he likes spending time with his family and children.

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