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Jalang’o distances self from Wash Wash allegations

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Over the weekend, blogger Edgar Obare exposed a fake money syndicate that defrauds Kenyans of their money, causing a stir on social media platforms.

The expose revealed many big names involved in the syndicate including renowned radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, popularly known to Kenyans as Jalang’o.

The information surprised many Kenyans who are now wondering how Jalang’o gets his wealth and flamboyant living.

Jalan’go who announced his intention to vie for a parliamentary seat has now lost the trust of many Kenyans.

The reason is that his alleged links to the fraudulent business could have blown his cover and ambitions.

On his morning show on Kiss 100 FM with Kamene Goro, Jalang’o painfully addressed the issue, stating that his wealth is hard-earned and legitimate.

“I never ever thought one day someone would question my integrity and how I make my money,” he told Kamene.

Jalang’o went ahead to clarify that he will tell the public for the second time that he has never stolen anyone’s money or involved in fraudulent deals.

He added that for a decade, he woke up at 4 am to get his radio job that pays him well, and apart from running an advertising company, Jalang’o is brand ambassador to five popular and top brands.

“To make it even crazier, per week I do like three to four events, as well as appearances which are paying very well,” Jalang’o said.

According to the philanthropist, even those accusing him of fraud know that the allegations are not true.

The allegations on Jalang’o come just a day after he shared the progress of a house under construction in Kitengela, and a week after revealing another one he finished back in the village.

“I have knocked so many doors to have those houses get to where they are. Accuse me of anything else but not my integrity,” Jalang’o expressed painfully.

The rather disappointed presenter, challenged his accusers to come forward with evidence of his involvement in the syndicate.

Jalang’o’s journey has been witnessed by many Kenyans who saw him rise from a hustling comedian at the Kenya National Theatre to an actor in Citizen’s Papa Shirandula show to being a radio presenter for Kiss 100 and other ventures.

The entertainer owns expensive vehicles including a Mercedes convertible, Range Rover Velar, Toyota Land cruiser V8, Mercedes V-Class and a Land Rover Discovery.

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