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Jalang’o advises men to invest in wives, not girlfriends

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Radio presenter Jalang’o offered advice on how to handle relationships between wives and girlfriends.

He and Kamene Goro talked about whether friends, girlfriend or wife can be trusted to stick by you when things go wrong.

The discussion was held on Kiss 100’s breakfast show on August 25.

In a video posted by Kamene on Instagram, Jalang’o advised his fans to be thoughtful of the kind of people they invest in.

The comedian said that a man who invests in his wife is on the safe side because she will support and be there for him if things turn out differently.

However, Jalang’o did not advocate for investing in friends and girlfriends noting that they would leave when you are of no use to them.

“Invest in your wife because when you go broke, it is her who will feed you, not the boys. If you invest in your girlfriend, if you go broke, she will leave. From how this Nairobi is set, no girlfriend wants to be with a broke ni**a,” he advised.

Kamene on the other hand, disagreed, noting that some girlfriends would stand by their men.

Jalang’o who doesn’t support the view said the probability is a ratio of one to ten.

Fans who followed and listened to the show left their thoughts regarding the topic on Kamene’s comments section.

shompole_wellness_spa: @jalangoo is right, especially on the wife part. They are the ones who will feed you when things go south.

benitozkenya1: Mens we are the best coz tunahustle till we get rich, si kama madem wale utafuta the other way round.

o.u.c.h.e: Invest in your wife, so that when you go broke you only have to sell two wigs… Innit?

leonfestingeromoshpapa: Kamene support the men even once you like supporting you gender even if they’re wrong.

breezy.254: MONEY KNOWS NO GENDER!!!!

football.twin: Jalang’o speaks facts.

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