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Interesting reasons why Kenyans ladies wear waist beads

Wearing of waist beads in our current society is no longer a new thing, women all round the world have ornamented their waist with different coloured and patterned beads.

Each and every woman has their own reason for having a waist bead tied around their waist, and also each with a different pattern or colour of the waist bead depending on their desire or reason.

Some of the reasons of wearing the waist beads are traditionally based and believed to be part of the traditional custom while for some it’s just for beauty. It is also believed that they apparently good in love making.

Traditionally in some African socities the waist beads were used as a protection charm against sexual diseases and pregnancy. Some also used it to mark a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood in girls.

In Kenya wearing of waist beads has gained popularity from girls in their 20 or above.

Well each and every of these ladies wear the waist beads following different reasons. Below is a list of reasons that we gathered.

Some of the ladies wear the waist beads as a sign of maturity. Proof of their fertility and sexuality.

Some of the ladies put the waist beads on, just to measure and watch their weights. It’s used to keep track of body shape and figures. Once the bead is getting tighter, it means she is adding weight but if it’s loose then no weight is added.

Another reason why ladies wear their waist beads is for sexual attraction it makes them feel more seductive. Sexual pleasure is increased in men when they see the waist beads resting attractively on the ladies hips.

The Kenyan ladies also consider it as a way of celebrating and showing love to the Kenyan culture and African culture at large.

The waist beads are also worn by Kenyan ladies as a symbol of empowerment to the women and give them confidence as women in the society.

For some it is a charm of protection from bad energy. Also it is a form of medication for pregnant women to heal stress , anxiety and relieve nerves during pregnancy.

While for some of the Kenya women they just wear the waist beads as any other jewelry for beatification just like bangles and earings to enhance their beauty.

Also for some Kenyan ladies it’s just another fashion trend to look more appealing and stylish .

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