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‘I’m Still Growing: Chimano Speaks on Having Kids

Willis Chimano Sauti Sol member has talked about having kids.

Speaking in an interview with a local publication, the vocalist stated that he is not ready to have to be a father at moment.

Adding that he will see whether he will have kids in future.

The singer further noted that he is not in a position to raise kids at the moment because he is still growing.

Also citing the responsibilities that comes with raising a child.

I’ll see. When I am in a situation that may allow me to, but for now no. I am still growing. Having kids for me is not a badge of honour that I need to wear proudly because having a kid is a responsibility

“It’s something that will happen if it’s ever going to happen,” the singer said.

In December 2021, Chimano sparked reactions after confirming that he is a member of the LGBTQ community.

During an interview, the Chimano said that his ‘Friday Feeling’ song is an expression of self identity and the LGBTQ community that he belongs to.

Friday feeling represents the ballroom culture the LGBTQ community, it’s a representation of ballroom culture within the queer community, which I am part of, so that’s just my first expression of who exactly I am, I am laying everything bare from now on hakuna kujificha jificha anymore, let’s do it, it’s 2021, come on,” he said.

He also send a message to his critics, saying that sexuality should not really be a topic of discussion.

“Because I’m ready, that’s all, it’s not about sexuality because that doesn’t define you, but it’s about my creativity and living my own truth and everybody better live their own truth and stop deciding what other people’s truths should be, that’s all, do you, figure out your own happiness most especially within yourself,” Chimano said.

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