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“I love Bensoul but not in a romantic way” Tiffany Muikamba says while denying home-wrecking claims.

22-year-old Tiffany Muikamba has finally spoken about her short intimate affair with popular musician Bensoul.

The relationship between the two lovebirds was in private until pregnant Tiffany came out with the revelations. According to the college student the musician has accepted to take full responsibility if their unborn child.

The three-months-old lady shared details about their relationship during a candid question and answer session with her fans on Instagram.

Bensoul and his girlfriend Noni have not yet broken up following the recent baby mama drama. Photo Courtesy.

“I don’t understand why people are crucifying you, Bensoul also knew he had a girlfriend,” a fan opined.

In a quick rejoinder Tiffany said, “That’s a good point. but I’ll be the sacrificial lamb for today. It is life. It will be old news in a few.”

Adding on the beautiful lass made the records clear that she and Bensoul are not chasing clout or anything close to that.

Tiffany is 22 years old. Photo Courtesy

“My plan was never to end up in a relationship or get pregnant or chase clout or anything. I’m really happy for them and I mean it honestly,” She said.

Tiffany further revealed that she never wanted to make the whole incident public until a friend she trusted exposed her.

“All this coming out was never my plan. I just made the decision of trusting a very close friend who had been there for me at my worst with way more information than I should have and it backfired since she ended up being a sell-out.”

Asked if she loves Bensoul, she said, “Honestly, not in a romantic way. but I love him as my baby daddy and a nice human being. He is going to be such a wonderful father if he keeps his word.”

Tiffany still loves Bensoul but not in a romantic way. Photo courtesy

She added, “Support your guy cause his music is still fire. Mimi wacha tuu I focus on my life and hustle for my baby.”

Tifanny went ahead to explain, “How many men do you know out there that will actually accept a pregnancy? I have much respect for him for having the balls to do this. and ultimatley im not those bitter baby namas I actually want to see my baby daddy happy.”

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