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Huddah Monroe fires back at Murugi Munyi after she rebuked her cosmetic products

Socialite and business woman Huddah Monroe has clapped back at content creator Murugi Munyi alias Yummy Mummy after she negatively rated her cosmetic products.

Huddah warned Murugi against rating her products negatively yet she had not even used them.

In an Instagram story post, Huddah wrote,

“You haven’t tried out something then go on to bash it! WTF! If you don’t want to post someone products don’t post. It’s not by force. You are giving hater! And we knew you were one but we still held some value on your name. Kama ni wewe unafanyanga tukule wacha tulale njaa sister!”

Huddah noted that if those are the types of influencer she prefer to influence her products personally or to hire models from a professional company.

“I make millions influencing my own stuff. I made millions and made people make a million without a single model,”

The rant by entrepreneur Huddah followed after Murugi shared her review about the products indicating that the description was misleading.

While doing the unboxing of Huddah’s Rich Beauty cosmetic products, Munyi started by stating that the packaging reminded her of success cards. She added that another red flag about the products is that they lacked an ingredient list.

And because she had not yet tried the product, she promised to give out full review about the products in a few weeks time.

Murugi also trashed Huddah’s vagina tightening products stating that she would never even put them close to her private parts.

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