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Our lives are basically a sum of our habits. Habits are actions that we perform everyday whether good or bad that shape and account for our behaviors.

Below are some guidelines to help you transform a bad habit into a good habit.

Begin by tracking when the habit occurs

Pay close attention to triggers that you may have noticed or activities that come before the habit.

You may keep track of the habit by journaling or jotting the time, day, and situation in which the habit occurs.

Avoid situations that trigger the occurrence of the habit

Some people tend to drink or eat a lot when they are bored possibly because they do not like boredom but love to eat.

Boredom in this situation is the trigger of eating and drinking a lot. Therefore, an individual should try as much as possible to keep themselves busy to avoid boredom.

Try replacing your bad habit with a good one that gives the same reward

Replacing a bad habit with a good one that provides similar satisfaction is effective in changing a habit. For instance, if you love biting your fingernails, you could try biting on some chewing gum.

Biting chewing gum could provide a similar satisfaction with nail-biting. By doing this, you will have replaced your bad habit with a good one.

Be creative and see what works out!

Make a commitment to a friend or someone else

Human beings are social creatures who care about what others think of them. We also like to keep a promise we made to someone we value.

You could tell a friend that you are working to get rid of a bad habit. That’s a commitment in its self!

You could also give them some huge cash to keep, then ask them to give it to you when you’ve out grown your bad habit.

Create a timeline and divide it into manageable chunks

Creating a timeline and breaking it down to manageable tasks can help you track your growth and celebrate small wins.

For instance, you could break your timeline into 30 days, 90 days, and 270 days. When you manage to finish the 30 days, you’ll know the hardest part is over. You’ll have done a tremendous job at 90 days and broken the record on day 270.

Remember to celebrate the small wins!

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How to get rid of bad habits