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History: Untold tale of Malik El Shabazz.


Today marked exactly 57 years since Mark El Shabazz aka Malcolm -x was shot dead in cold blood on a cold winter in Haarlen NY, and it was almost exactly a year ago to the day he was cheering on the legendary Muhamud Ali on winning his first fight against the invincible, Sonny Liston.

But not many people are aware that nine days prior to Malcolm’s assassination he was actually walking the streets of steel pulse’s neighborhood in England. Apparently, he was invited over by an Asian community to help fight the injustices of minorities being denied housing in a then ‘white district’.

Within days of arriving back home in Queens NY, Malcolm abode was fire bombed. He and his wife Betty had to grab their 4 little girls and stand out in the frost bitten streets, watching their house burn.

The interesting part of all this is that Malcolm never got accolades like martin Luther but he’s still a legend in history.


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