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History: Baby born with 3 penises in Iraq

In an unheard of incident in medical history, a baby was born in Iraq with three penises.

The parents took the three-month-old baby to the hospital after he had swelling in the scrotum.

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The doctors ascertained that he had two more penises emerging — one near the root of his primary penis and another under the scrotum.

The doctors were left scratching their heads, more so because the child was not exposed to any drugs in the womb and there was no genetic anomaly in his family history.

A paper was published in The International Journal of Surgery Case on this rare phenomenon.

“Triphallia (three penises) is an unreported condition until now. It affects one in every 5-6 million live births. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” said the study written by Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmed Mohammed.

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The doctors later noticed that the additional penises did not have urethra, so they surgically removed them.

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