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Grace Mwai, fiancé Hiram Maina react to cruel trolls on their age difference: “Respect us”

Grace Mwai and her fiance Hiram Maina alias Kamuhunjia are soon getting married and it seems some people are jealous of their relationship.

The couple have been receiving trolls from Kenyans on social media following their age difference and that has really irked Grace and Kamuhunjia.

The two noted that despite them being public figures people should not take that advantage to troll them to an extent of going deep to their personal lives.

Grace is older than Maina and social media users have been trolling them.

The couple asked Kenyans to respect them and stop abusing them over their age difference stating that it is a normal thing and if there is love then people should not worry.

“It is very very sad to see such comments and maybe it is someone who is not in a marriage set up or someone with at home who likes talking without even knowing. Online people have been saying ‘Kamuhunja you are very young, ooh Grace is older than you,” Kamuhunjia said.

On the other hand Grace said that trolls thinks that they are in a position to give opinions about people’s lives especially if it is a celebrity.

“We have been put in a place where as public figures we’ll have to be super strong. Because we have been put in a place whereby people feel they have an opinion and they can say anything about us. Whatever has happened to us even if there is an age difference of one or two years, the age difference doesn’t matter. Is it an abnormal thing when there is an age difference between you and your partner? By itself, it is not an abnormal thing,” she said.

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