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Have you ever seen hair grow inside a human being mouth? Experts are also fascinated after discovering a rare case of a woman who has hair inside her mouth.

A 19-year-old lady from Italy recently visited University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli Hospital in search for answers.

Gingival hirsutism

The lady was then diagnosed with a rare infection called the gingival hirsutism.

She told the doctor’s that the condition started in the year 2009 when eyelash-like hair started growing in the gums of her teeth.

The lady was told that she had sexual hormone imbalance which causes polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which leads to growing of excess hair.

The doctors have the teenager birth control pills, and performed a surgery on her to get rid of the hair from her gums.

She managed to keep up with life pretty well from 2009 until 2015 when the condition returned.

The condition worsened, hairs more grew in her gums, spread to the chins and all over the neck.

She disclosed that at the age of 25 she stopped usimg the birth control pills she had been prescribed years ago.

So the doctors again told prescribed her the same medication to help balance the hormones, did her a surgery to remove the hairs and discharged.

After an year she went back and reported that the hair still grew even after following the medication.

A tissue sample from her gums was taken for examination and doctors found out that the gum tissues where the hair found their way in were unusually thick.

Gingival hirsutism

“There is no clear explanation for this anomalous presence of one relatively common finding and the absence of the other in the oral mucosa,”

To their point, there seem to be only five cases that are even similar to this one throughout the history of medical literature. Those other cases date back to the 1960s — and all were found in males.

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Gingival hirsutism : Woman grows hair in her mouth