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Four Addictions Campus Students Are Fighting

Nowadays towns in Kenya are largely occupied by campus students because on the increased learning institution across the country.

These students live a free life especially because a good percentage of them are far from their biological parents. After getting to campus the students were bombarded by peer pressure, binge drinking and recreational drug abuse.

These behavior largely contributes to the increased drug abuse among campus students in the country.

Here are some of the common addictions these students suffer.

Alcohol and smoking

Most students after getting the too much freedom in campus accept the idea of binge drinking as a rite of passage. These students begin consuming alcohol in excess without thinking twice and end up becoming alcoholics.

These students then become failures in life because they end up dropping out school and become full time alcoholics and smokers.

The government has put measures to try to curb the illicit consumption of alcohol and smoking but they have not yet manage to full stop because more bars are being planted near the learning institutions.

To stop alcohol and smoking addiction campus students can engage in educating each other on the dangers of binge drinking and smoking.


Definately when they start consuming alcohol and smoking they are no longer naive and afraid of attending all parties near or far from them.

Parties are now the new routines of the students. They would miss their classes on Friday because to them the weekend starts on Friday. The will visit almost every club in the town parting through the whole weekend.

These parties usually lead to alot of irresponsible behaviors.

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