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Ezekiel Mutua offers to help singer Embarambamba

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua has offered to help Kisii gospel singer Embarambamba after his emotional interview with NTV’s show dubbed The Trend.

The singer who has been trending for some time now because of his theatrics disclosed that they are meant to put something on the table and get out of poverty.

He also revealed that at one time during one of his theatrics while entertaining people, he fell into a pit latrine that was out of order and grass had tall grown around it which made it look like a part of the field he was performing on.

Embarambamba went on to address the KFCB boss Mutua’s concern about his music saying that people do not understand him or where he comes from. He added that Mutua should instead support him instead of criticizing him.

He pointed out that someone like Mutua should have contributed a donation to support his talent.

“Embarambamba on the Trend on NTV says his theatrics are because of poverty. He’s asking for help. Bro come, let’s talk,” read part of his statement.

Mutua went on to advise Embarambamba that he does not have to do the madness for likes on social media and he should pay him a visit so that they can find a way.

The self-proclaimed moral cop noted that Embarambamba sounds but his theatrics are embarrassing and must be moderated.

The gospel singer also called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to support him as he was supported by the Kisii region during the 2013 general elections despite the region being Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) stronghold.

He explained that if he is able to travel countrywide and uplift other upcoming artists, it will be easy for people to say that the government had supported upcoming artists and their talents.

Just recently, KFCB boss Mutua raised concerns over the kind of content Embarambamba produces saying he could hurt himself.

He went on to question whether the singer’s style was sustainable or even sane adding that unless he is superhuman.

Mutua added asserted that Embarambamba needs to be stopped before he hurts himself.

In previous interviews, the singer has asked those questioning his mental health to stop maintaining that he is not mad.

He has recorded songs such as Ninchwo Mbaorokie, Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote, Mungu Ameniwezesha among others.

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